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Wedding ceremony music is the soundtrack to your special day. You’ll replay the melodies over and over again in your mind for years to come. Nothing is more memorable than live classical music for your ceremony. It sets the mood and creates an elegant atmosphere.

Selecting the right wedding ceremony music is essential for setting the tone and mood at your wedding. Ceremony music also is critical for issuing cues within the order of service and even keeps guests entertained as the bride prepares for her grand entrance. Although every couple is different when it comes to the kind of music they’ll select for their wedding ceremony, there is one tradition that everyone follows: the order of the playlist. Wedding playlists are divided into four segments—the prelude (which is played while ushers seat guests); the processional (for the bride’s walk down the aisle); interludes (music played throughout the service); and the recessional (signaling the exit of the wedding party).

Ceremony Music May Depend on Wedding Location. The location of your wedding ceremony is key for creating the playlist. If you’re planning a church wedding, ask the director of music to provide you with a list of songs used during worship services since many churches do not allow secular music inside the sanctuary. If your wedding ceremony venue is anywhere other than a church (outdoor space, private home, ballroom, etc.), then the sky’s the limit for selecting a variety of genres to play throughout your ceremony.

As you start to consider musical selections, try finding songs that fit your personality. If “Cannon in D Major” is not your thing, why not replace it with something that rings true to who you are as a couple. For instance, if you share a favorite song, have it playing during the recessional as you walk down the aisle together as husband and wife. Or, you could even hire a budding songwriter to create a melody especially for your wedding day to play as an interlude. Another tip for picking out your wedding ceremony music is to think back to other weddings you’ve attended and remember the songs played that you liked. If any tunes stick out in your mind, try them as an option for your own playlist.

And finally, the most important thing to consider when selecting your wedding ceremony music is to find songs that you both absolutely adore. Remember, your songs don’t have to be the most popular or commonly used—as long as they capture the true love and emotion the two of you share.


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